This extension is no longer being developed and hasn't been worked on since March 2006 however as people still seem to be coming here I've added support for Firefox 2 (version, may not work as I only briefly tested it). Also if you have a modified version of z-udtool or something I'd be happy to link to it or host it, if you want me to that is (contact info at bottom of page). UDToolbar supposedly implemented the main feature of z-udtool (quick actions/attacks) so you may wish to look into that.

Since I'm updating this page I'd also like to thank all the people who've used this extension, or maybe curse you since it was a gateway drug to the horrid addiction known as extension development (see here for what else I'm up to).

So what is this thing?

z-udtool is a modification of the UDTool extension for firefox for the urbandead webgame. It adds a number of new features mostly for zombie but they may be useful for human players as well. More human-centric things will be added in future versions

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Current Version (last real addition March 2006, no longer in development):

z-udtool ( with support for FF 2+): Install
z-udtool ( with a memory leak fix): Install Changes

Old Versions:

z-udtool Install Changes
z-udtool 0.6.6-4 (0.6.6-3 with one bug fix): Install Changes
z-udtool 0.6.6-2: Install Changes
z-udtool 0.6.6-1: Install


See forum thread for general bugs/info http://zombies.desensitised.net/board/index.php?topic=6354.0


email: TheOnly[REMOVE THIS]MZM@gm[REMOVE THIS]ail.com