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Tab Groups is a firefox extension that lets a user organize tabs into groups, those groups in turn can be switched between through their own tab bar. This extension is aimed at power users who have many tabs open on different subjects at once so that organizing these tabs coherently can become difficult. Windows are cumbersome to work with and tab placement is likewise less than ideal when the number of tabs makes their titles hard to distinguish. Currently supports FireFox version 2.0+.

Tab Groups is currently labeled pre-alpha and is at version 0.02, so no guarantees are made on it working properly however no "major" bugs are known of (see here for known bugs). The basic functionality is in place but there are conflicts with some extensions and a lack of UI niceness. Special thanks to HardLine on the Genmay forums for the original idea.

Please email any bugs to TheOnly[removethis]

Current Version (0.02)


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